Artist Statement

This body of work investigates the psychological need for comfort in human development. Through the technical processes of craft, I have set out to fabricate sculptures that delve deeper into the functions and benefits of the comfort item during mental expansion in which we define what is part of our person, and what is external reality.

The comfort item, known in psychology as the “transitional object”, is best described as an object that provides psychological security during unusual or unique situations. An example of this object would be a child’s baby blanket. For this body of work, I have researched my family’s main comfort item, the “woobie”.

Woobie (n.): A device that is used to create a sense of comfort in a time of anxiety and uneasiness.

The manipulation of the chosen materials through craft processes make comments on conventional practices and traditions that have been developed over generations.  There is a comfort to be found in the knots and stitches of these processes; the familiarity of the techniques leave a sense of satisfaction in understanding the processes used to make the object. Through the approach of traditional craft, along with strong ties to generations past and their methods of making, I strive to prove that the woobie has the power to alter our perceptions of situations that give us anxiety in a positive way, and aid us in the process of coping with difficulties.



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