Fiber Sculpture and Art Exhibitions

Fiber Sculpture…

Today I presented my newest ideas for the first fiber sculpture project.  To give a better idea of fiber sculpture, any materials such as yarn, rope, twine, wool, etc, can be used.  I am currently working on a piece created entirely out of nylon loops that activate together to form potholders.  My challenge is to convert this everyday children’s craft into a work of fine art.

Art Exhibitions…

Along with introducing my own work, I further explored the potential of sculpture by attending Carnegie Hall’s Pulp Art Exhibition.  I found this to be extremely helpful in not only my ideas for Advanced Sculpture, but also fiber art.  Most of the works present were created using some form of paper or cardboard and were presented in a sculptural manner.  Usually this seems to be a challenge, as most of these materials are delicate, but these artists seemed to tackle the challenge with ease.  There was also a wide variety of ways the work was being presented, which also fueled the fire of inspiration for future works to come.  As work progresses, photos will be uploaded in order for those who are interested to follow my process.


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