My Technical Process


In regard to my technical process, I have always had a deep interest in fibers and the ways in which they can be used.  My current interest in fiber has led me to a study of knitting, which has a long history in my family.  This material and technique are so appropriate for my work due to this history, that I follow the same steps as those who participated in this process before me, even down to using the same brand of yarn.  Using yarn and knitting for my aesthetic may seem to be an odd choice for some; yet, it ties into my concept of comfort so well.  The tactile quality that this material brings to the work, and the sense of security are all important to my concept; in reality, everything down to the cable knit stitching that creates the object are essential to my work.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

As a child, my mother had an oversized white sweater that served as her comfort item; she called it her “woobie”.  Whenever I felt anxiety or any sort of discomfort, I searched for this “woobie” as a sanctuary. So, through my own art explorations I have been doing my best to create the perfect “woobie” that will cure any physical or mental ailments I may be suffering from.  My work also asks the same question to the viewer, challenging them to step outside their built-up personas and look into the softer side; their inner childhood.

I ask you the same question…what is your woobie?

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