Artist Inspiration

Artist Inspiration

Meet the Artist…

When looking for new inspiration in my fiber art creations, I didn’t have to look very far. In fact, an ability to work with fibers runs in the family. My mother, Shannon Motzer Sandlin, owner of Cheeky by Shannon, creates custom fiber art pieces for just about everyone.

From personalized wearable art to her line of “Baby Cheeks” stuffed animals, her works can be admired by young and old alike. She is currently working mainly with fleece and recycled shirts as her fiber materials, and her work can be found in many places locally. If you’re unable to catch her at one of the local art and craft fairs happening in the Greater Cincinnati area, you can most definitely buy her works and “wears” in local boutiques. I find inspiration in her work through her ability to transform these simple, recycled fibers into a completely new and aesthetically interesting work. As we both work in recycled fiber materials, we can bounce ideas off one another to come up with the perfect pieces; subject matter and concept may differ, but verbal collaboration is always happening. Also, as a young artist, I can look to her in how she networks herself and has created a business for her own art.

If you are interested in contacting her or viewing her most recent works, she can be found on facebook under “Cheeky by Shannon”. One can also view her website for the latest works and wearable art!


Words from the Artist…

  1.     How long have you had a studio?  Six years total, but two years in my current space.
  2.     Why did you get a studio?

I needed more space to work other than in the living room or dining room.  It’s hard to get things done when you’re home, especially when the family needs you!

  1.   How do you financially support your artwork? (Through sales, salary, grants, etc.)

I currently earn a living by selling my art.  I had a full time job along with creating their art, but decided to take on their art full time and try to better market my work.

  1.  What are the problems you face in getting your artwork done?

Time, and trying to keep up with the inventory demand.  Demand fluctuates between each show entered; so, the highest demand needs to be met before every show in case of a complete sell-out of product.

  1.  What do you do to market yourself as an artist?

I am involved in various forms of online networking, such as Facebook, twitter, and their own websites, but also through belonging to local artist guilds.

  1.  What type of person buys your art?

I would say everyday people, but my work also fits well into boutiques.  Due to the handcrafted aesthetic, crafters and lovers of crafts tend to be drawn to my work.

  1.  What are your greatest challenges as an artist?

My greatest challenges are lack of funding and time management.

  1.  What are your greatest rewards as an artist?

Definitely previous buyers coming in praise of the product and purchasing more.

  1.  What recommendations would you give to an artist who is just starting out?

-Approach as business

-Put yourself on a schedule

-Set prices honestly

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