Local, Self-Employed Cincinnati Artists

The mission of our Professional Practices class at the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) is to introduce the class of emerging artists to local, successful artists.

Laura Fisher, one of our guest speakers for Professional Practices, is currently a self-employed photographer in the Greater Cincinnati area.  As a graduate of DAAP and a past intern for Professor Jane Stevens, Fisher can be seen as a great mentor to us, as she has walked in our shoes only a few years before.  Fisher has participated in many internships that were both in and out of school, and also spent 2009 and 2010 creating work in Germany on work study trips.  She has been very successful in her tactics of networking her fine art through her own photography business, but has also created an income through photographing weddings and other special occasions.  We, as emerging artists, can find much inspiration in Fisher’s story, as she was once just like us.

We can take much advice  in her networking process of creating a business that also supports her photography.  Her advice to apply for all opportunities to continue learning and perfecting your craft can give much of us inspiration, especially when we are so new to the application experience in regard to the Art World.  Her professional presence serves as a proper example of how we should not only conduct ourselves in a business setting, but also how we should view ourselves.  We must remember, we ARE professional.

Fisher is currently working on her fine art work, but also continuing to photograph weddings and other special occasions.  If you are interested in learning more about Laura Fisher, her story, and her business, you can visit her site for more information.  I am certain she’d love to hear from you as well if you have any questions; after all, in her About Me section she lists writing letters to strangers as one of her favorite things to do!


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