How to Make Potholders









In working with color, fibers, and a childhood aesthetic, these potholders are the perfect choice for my work.  These traditional objects are a great choice due to the fact that they are very durable and can be used for multiple options.  The steps in making these potholders are rather simple, can easily be learned through the sequence of photos posted above.  Let me take you into further detail…

STEP 1: Gather Supplies

All you need to make a potholder is a potholder loom, which can easily be found at any Hobby Lobby or online, and nylon stretch loops.  The nylon loops are the best choice for fiber because of its durability and how far they can stretch over the loom spikes.  Once you have gathered your materials, you are ready to work.

STEP 2: Stretch your First Loops

The first step you must take in creating the potholder is to cover the loom.  The first set of loops will be going the same direction, any color choice you like.  Do not spread out the loops, as they must be placed right next to eachother.  If spread out they will make the potholder have holes and be smaller than desired.

STEP 3: Begin Weaving

Your second set of loops will create the actual weaving aesthetic of the potholder.  To start, loop one end of a loop to a spike, and begin weaving.  The weaving technique is the alternation of going over and under each of the loops placed in the first steps.  Once the first loop is placed, the second loop can be run through.  Make sure the second loop is woven in the opposite way as the first: example, first is over/under, make the second under/over.  Continue these steps until you’ve reached the end of your loom.

STEP 4: Finishing off the Loom

Once all the loops are placed, you can begin to finish off the potholder.  Take the first loop on one side (all the way to the left), and pull it off the spike without letting go.  Bring the loose loop to the spike directly to the right of it, and pull the second loop off the loom, pulling it through the first loop.  Pull tight, and you have successfully cast off the first loop.  Continue this process until you’ve gotten all the loops cast off.  The last loop will be pulled tight and will act as a hanger for the potholder, so don’t be alarmed by the extra loop.

STEP 5: Enjoy!

Your potholder is now finished, and can be used for whatever you need!  In my experience, the best way to use these is with multiples, creating larger masses of potholders.  These can also be used for their main, practical purpose.

For supplies, check Hobby Lobby, or any online crafting website.

Happy Making!

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