How to Needle Felt






The images posted, in order, are the three easy steps to needle felting.  This is a common technique used in creating my own works, and has been done by many for hundreds of years.  For those who are unfamiliar with needle felting, let me give you a bit of background…

Needle felting is done with either a single needle or a cluster, which contain a sort of notch on the sides.  These notches are placed on the needle to hook the wool fibers together and dread them.  Once done, these fibers become so entangled that they are practically impossible to undo.  No ironing or sewing is necessary, this process is quite simple.  Wool is always used for this process, as its fibers have many barbs that easily lock into one another.

Now to explain the sequence…

STEP 1: Gather Materials

What is needed? 1. Sponge to serve as a poking surface for your wool and so you don’t break your needle. 2. Felting needle, which can be found at any local craft stores or Michaels Crafting Store. 3. Raw wool, which can be anything from sheep wool to alpaca.


STEP 2: Flatten and Poke

Take a handful of the raw wool and place it onto the sponge. The best technique is to spread fingers across the raw wool to evenly flatten your surface.  With your open hand, take your needle and begin to poke the raw wool.  This will begin the felting process; make sure to flip the felt over as you work with it, that way one can avoid your wool being completely felting into the sponge.  Continue this process until desired amount of felting has been completed.


STEP 3: Final Product

At the end of this simple process, you will have a felted piece of wool.  The possibilities with your creation are endless!  Many will felt pictures onto flat pieces of wool, and some will go so far as to create three dimensional felted sculpture forms.  This can be easily done by inserting pipe cleaners into the raw wool and felting around the pipe cleaners for desired forms.


If you’re a local Cincinnatian, look into the Needle Felting classes being offered at Homemeadow Song Farm!  Classes are being offered for a low fee that includes materials, and the experiences are priceless.  For more information, visit:


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