Surprise Studio Visit


Drawing by Anais Enjalbert, employing a self-functioning drawing device, a pen, and her bicycle.

Today I was quite surprised to be in the presence of the artist who created the piece above.  Visiting from Paris, France, Anais Enjalbert gave the Advanced Drawing class a lovely presentation of her studio works and practices after attending art school in France.

Starting out solely as an art student, Enjalbert created works that dealt with the concept of “self-creating artworks”.  By simply attaching a pen to a string from the under part of her desk, she propelled the pen with her feet across the pages, introducing a new drawing.   Fearing she would be unemployed at the end of her time at university, she began to study HTML coding in order to design websites on the side of her studio practice.  This, I believe, was a blessing in disguise, as it has influenced some of her more recent works that I find to be quite successful.  At this stage in her career, she works as a graphic designer, both independently and with a company, and also continues with her studio practices.

After she presented her body of work to our class, she was sweet enough to speak with each of us independently about our work we are creating for Senior Thesis.  Being the only student located in the Sculpture area of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) from the Adv. Drawing class, I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her and ask about other aspects of her life and studio practice.  Upon reaching my studio space, I shyly told her of recent studio practices and concepts I was studying in my work.  She very much liked these ideas and thoughts I’d been integrating into my work thus far, and told me of a moment in her studies.  She found the story of two of her peers using their bodies as knitting needles relevant to my work, as the work I’m making at this point is fiber based.

Upon the conclusion of our discussion, we exchanged emails.  I gave her my business card, and told her I’d very much like to continue to discuss art and concepts with her, but also brush up on my French skills.  She was very pleased!

If you’re interested in delving a little deeper into Anais Enjalbert’s work, both graphic and visual, please view her website!