2013 Autumn Research Statement

From the United States to Bangladesh, we all have a story that yearns to be told.  Family secrets, traditional nursery rhymes, and personal tales are expressed by those far and wide, and also through means of expression.  As artists, our interpretation of these narratives varies. Art is our initial response to the realization that we are slowly, but surely, fleeting from the planet.  We begin to recycle ourselves, piece by piece, in hopes of finding a way to surpass our physical mortality through aesthetic and a strong conceptual thought.  Our exertion serves as our personal, physical attempt to tell our stories; our encounters with life and our chosen ways with which we chose to respond.

Through the use of sculpture and fiber as my medium, I have adopted the task that each of us are given upon the day we enter this Earth.  My works will speak through aesthetic and the use of different types of fiber, but also through varying styles.  Although I plan to continue my individual way of interpretation, I also plan to study the traditions of those around the world.  This can already be seen in my latest work, Internal Traditions, fabricated using recycled tee-shirts and the tradition of rug making taken on by women who occupy the Middle East.

Some have suggested up to this point that my work has an element of survival that rings through in my work.  At this point in my investigations, I can see this to be a valid assumption, simply because the narratives and ways in which we tell them struggle to survive through each generation.  Through this research I hope to aid in the survival of my life story, along with give the everyday, mundane materials used in my work a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.

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