Experimental Works

As a practicing artist, it is rather pertinent to be constantly experimenting with materials and challenging yourself.  To push your aesthetic further and test different ways of expression will sometimes deliver the most progress.  Over the past month, I have been challenging myself to use a variety of different materials in order to create works that deviate from anything I’ve done up to this point.  While I do not feel it necessary to deviate at this time, I do feel as an artist that I must keep my practice going and try to find inspiration in these experiments to influence my current work.

I’ve challenged myself to experiment with the following:


Heaviness of Hand in the Work




These are the findings of my experimentation based on the type of experimentation being done:


Against the Grain, 2013. Vintage Pattern Paper, Thread.


Model 793, #2291, 2013. Found Object, Pins, Shadow Box.

These works challenge my material choice by stepping away from the woobie materials.  I did my best to challenge my thoughts on fiber and also how it can be treated.  Rather than having a heavy hand in the work, I chose to only add minimal additions; a line here or there could easily do the job.


Making the Unmade, 2013. Yarn.

I also challenged my ideas of presentation and medium.  Above is a final photo from the short video I created, Making the Unmade, 2013.  Video art is not necessarily my forte, but I feel it is important to tackle the mediums you aren’t of which you’re not certain.

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