Exhibitions Thus Far

Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to show my work in a few different galleries and other venues.  At the beginning of September I was also able to have a show at Niehoff Urban Studio, conveniently located on Vine St. in Cincinnati.  The works shown consisted of my woobie sculptures along with photographs created by Garry Glenn Photography.  The turn-out was fairly decent considering the competition of galleries that were also showing that evening.  Although no pieces were sold, the entirety of my business cards were taken!

After some time to make new work, my fellow sculptors and I held a show in our local gallery, The 840 Gallery.  Each of us put in our newest work(s) to show our progress over the past nine weeks of the semester.  I chose to include the newest woobie, Activation Experimentation, and my other fiber sculpture, Internal Traditions.  I’d say the show was a success and the turn out was much more than I expected.  I was also able to discuss the meanings of my works even further with some of my fellow artists that have been following my progress.

Lastly, I am showing again as of tomorrow evening.  For those of you in/near Cincinnati, please do your best to stop by!  The 3D studios in DAAP are showing our latest works at the American Sign Museum located on Monmouth in Cincinnati.  The showing is from 6-9pm, and the museum will also be open and free to the public for the evening.  The works created were inspired by the signs that are installed in the museum, and some of the works actually utilize the signs that were in storage.  The piece I plan to show (which was installed yesterday) is one of my largest works to date, measuring around 35ft in length, perhaps longer.  It also has a nice, unexpected flare that enhances my work!  I’ve very much enjoyed the preparation for this show, as it has inspired me to challenge my concepts and aesthetic.


Thank you to those who have continued to follow my progress! I hope that for those of you who are able to attend tomorrow evening, that you’re nothing but thrilled with what you see.  ART ON.

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