21c is Visiting

Tomorrow is a very important day for my art: the curators of the 21c Museum Hotel are visiting my studio to view the most recent pieces I’ve made this year. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious. I’ve also been feeling slightly artistically drained over the past couple days. But, today I found the answer.

Almost two months ago I stopped by Beechwood High School with a friend of mine. As I was visiting with someone, my friend visited our Chemistry teacher, Ms. Haggard. After the visit, my friend left with a copy of her speech for the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2013. The speech was left under the seat and forgotten.

Today I found the speech. The words of my former teacher were that of a lesson plan; a final lesson plan. It outlined the goals we, as students, are to meet in our lifetime. She reminded us that the cells and molecules composing our bodies are made of something entirely bigger than ourselves, and also that, “in a very real sense, we are stardust. That is not poetic license. We are, according to Neil de Grasse Tyson, ‘part of the universe and the universe is part of us’.”

This speech touched me so deeply that it was as if the words formed a coil that wrapped around my heart; as if this voice from the past made its way through time and space to deliver a much needed message. It was the light I needed in my uncertainty as I travel into a stressful, yet thrilling time in my life. Tomorrow I will show my work with pride; I’ll show them the process, the aesthetics, and concepts I so firmly believe in. Lastly, I’ll be proud of myself and my work, no matter the outcome.

To the voice that travelled through time and space to reassure me that I’m on the road I’m supposed to take: Thank you. Your intelligence and sincerity is truly the best inspiration.

Art On.

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