21c Visit Results

So, the studio visit with 21c Museum Hotel turned into something I’d never thought it would be. Like I said on Sunday, I’ve felt artistically drained lately and unsure of my thesis. After finding the speech by my high school teacher, I was feeling much more inspired, but still unsure of my thesis. This, too, was about to change.

The curators showed up and began to discuss the ideas behind my work. I told them about all the ideas that were brought up in my work by others, but not by myself. After about two minutes of discussing what everyone else has said about my work, they asked from where all of this was derived. It was at that moment I realized I could sink or swim upon introducing the true concept; the concept I held so dearly. I decided to try: I introduced the “woobie”. I told them of my invented vocabulary for my work, what the woobie is and means to those who believe in its magic, and the roots that is had embedded so deeply into my heart.

Smiles crept across their faces. They told me that this invented vocabulary and childhood comfort item was far more interesting to them than the other ideas that had been previously introduced. For the next 20 minutes we discussed the concept of woobie and how it is a trend that has slowly, but surely spread through DAAP within the Fine Arts community. I also showed them my latest works of the bronze woobies and the lit woobie installation. Upon switching off the lights, they seemed to be taken over by the woobie’s magic. “This is beautiful”, one responded. “This should be shown in a room by itself”, said the other. They thanked me for opening my studio for them and I thanked them immensely for taking the time to stop by. Little do they know, they helped me in so many ways.

Although I am unsure of what this studio visit will bring to me in the future, I know for now it has given me the gift of knowing my thesis. It showed me that I have a solid idea; an idea that is much stronger than any other ideas that are being fed to me during critiques and thesis discussions. While I am able to draw inspiration from their opinions, the woobie remains. As I told them, “Woobies don’t hide you from the problem, they comfort you enough to deal with the problem.” So, with woobie in mind, heart, soul, and cast onto my arm for “arm knitting”, I’ll battle my way through dry run and on to DAAPWorks 2014!

Art on, and always, WOOBIE ON.

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