New Photos and Updates

For those of you who follow my progress, you’ll be happy to hear that new photos and and blog updates will be posted soon!  Lots to share, lots  to show, and lots of thoughts to discuss.  Here is a quick look at the latest work:

"Adornment", 2014. Mixed Media.

“Adornment”, 2014. Mixed Media.


Hassan Sharif

Hassan Sharif

“Iron 2”, Hassan Sharif. Mixed Media. Currently being shown in NYC.

This week, I was lucky enough to visit with artist, Hassan Sharif from Dubai. After looking at my work, studio practices, materials, and thumbing through my sketchbook, he told me he very much appreciated my work. He enjoyed meeting a fellow artist who also used recycled materials, both fiber based and non-fiber. He also loved looking at my drawings, as he appreciated the aesthetic of the sketches.

I very much appreciated the opportunity to talk with an artist who lives and works in Dubai, as it brings a fresh perspective to my work and new ideas with which to work. During our time together he gave me new ideas for fiber works that were based on his culture and the daily lives of women in Dubai. We discussed the tools these women work with each day to fabricate ornamental scarves and ankle scarves, called Tali. I’m looking forward to working on these ideas and seeing how our visit has influenced my work. For those of you who would like to learn more about Sharif, please visit his website:

VCU Visit

Virginia Commonwealth University

It is now 2014, and graduate applications are either due, or close to being due.  So, I felt it was rather necessary to start visiting the schools to which I applied.  After my visit to Columbus College of Art and Design and the Portfolio Review Day held in Chicago in the Fall Semester, I decided to take a visit to Virginia Commonwealth University.  I scheduled an appointment with the Director of Fiber Arts, Susan Iverson, to discuss the opportunities available to me upon acceptance into the program.

During our discussion we covered the basic, important information of the program, along with the amount of people applying and the odds of being accepted into the program.  She told me it is rare for a student to be accepted right from undergrad, but that my work was both ambitious and strong.  We then took some time to tour the facilities, along with meet the current graduate students in the program.  All of the students I met were very pleasant and helpful!  I honestly felt right at home in the studio spaces.

Although I know the possibility of being accepted is much more rare than if I had been out of school for a year or two, I’m still feeling confident that I’ll be able to hold my own in the application process.  All one can do is hope for the best!