Happy Early Birthday: More Art!

Vintage 1964 Royal Parade Cursive Typewriter

Vintage 1964 Royal Parade Cursive Typewriter

After much searching and waiting, I’ve finally found the device that is necessary to start a work I’ve been dying to fabricate: a 1964 Royal Parade Cursive Typewriter!  I’d rather not expose too much of the idea that I will begin as of yet, but I can’t begin to express how important it was to find this piece.

Next in the process of researching this work, I am looking into various ways of fabricating paper.  Rather than focus on the traditional way, I’d like to incorporate new ways of fabrication in order to introduce it into a more contemporary setting instead of reintroducing handmade paper to the realm of craft.

Interested in a typewriter?  Or better yet, volunteering with children?  The store that sold me my newest treasure sells these refurbished typewriters and other objects in order to fund their after school program.  During the hours of 3-6PM, they tutor children and give them the attention they need to succeed in school.  Also, the majority of sales in the store go to the after school program!  It’s a lovely way to shop local and support small, local business/fund our future generation’s education.  For more information, please check out WORDPLAY: http://www.wordplaycinci.org

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