Commission Opportunity


Recently I was asked by fellow artist, Katy Tompkins, to aid in making work for her upcoming show in March. Having known Katy for two years now I have had many work opportunities with her up to this point, but none to this degree. I was thrilled to be offered and accept the opportunity to say the least!

In the photo above you see a sample of the work I have finished thus far. I’d like to save further images until the final works are complete. The job she assigned me was to turn her idea into a reality. She asked if I could locate the materials needed, and begin covering the legs and seats of these vintage bar stools with various materials, but focusing on nylon fishnet stockings. There are going to be three of these stools, and they will be featured in her upcoming show. Once final photos are posted I will share the date, time, and location of this opening.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my artistic processes and jobs. If interested in following more closely, look to my Instagram: artistinspired0217

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