Art Inspirations

Wool and Nail Sample, 2014.

Wool and Nail Sample, 2014.

During this week I’ve done a multitude of various jobs.  After finishing the collaboration work on Tuesday and being a studio assistant to Cincinnati based artist, Matthew Lynch (a member of the artist group, SIMPARCH), I was able to spend time in the studio working on the ideas that have been floating through my brain as of late.

The first idea I worked on involved the repetitive process of wrapping raw alpaca fibers around recycled nails.  At the moment, I’ve finished around 250, but there are many more to do before I feel the work is complete.  I have started nailing them into a table to provide a structure for them to manipulate.  Each of them are spaced one inch apart, but the spacing looks to be varied due to the fibers blending and thinning in certain areas.  This work should be finished by Tuesday, March 4th.

Another idea I’ve developed is the idea of dipping fibrous materials into foundry wax, and then proceeding to make a mold of them from other materials.  The first material I worked with to test was plaster; I feel this work was rather successful as it touches upon my interest in nature through its physical aesthetic.  I like the link between fibers and nature, as they are similar in the fact that both look delicate, but are some of the strongest materials to which we have access. I’d like to use other materials such as concrete in fabricating these molds, which will be shown on Tuesday, March 4th also.

Recent fiber mold made from plaster, 2014.

Recent fiber mold made from plaster, 2014.

Today will be spent solely in the studio working on these ideas.  I’ll be experimenting with materials, making new molds of fibers, and attending an artist lecture in the sculpture department.  There is much inspiration to be discovered after spending time working on another artist’s ideas.  It was an honor and a privilege to work for them and I look forward to it in the future, but I’m thrilled to spend today with my first loves: fiber and sculpture.

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