Leaving my Art in NYC


In Process Yarn Bombing in NYC on the corner of Mulberry and Spring St. To be continued starting March 28th.

Today is my first day back in Cincinnati after a long weekend in New York City.  The time was spent visiting the majority of the major museums of Manhattan, exploring the smaller, local galleries along the grid, and lastly, leaving my knitting behind.

For those who are unaware, the term for this practice is “Yarn Bombing”.  Yarn Bombing began in the United States during the 1990’s with various knitters using their leftover or unfinished knits to cover areas out in the world.  One of the famous Contemporary artists today who is known for yarn bombing goes by “Olek”, and has made quite the career of covering everything from entire rooms to full length trains.  While my contribution was small to the yarn bombing world, I do plan to visit NYC again at the end of the month for a concert, and also to add more to my chosen area.

Bike Yarn Bomb

“NYC, Let Me Keep You Warm”, 2014. To be finished March 28th.

Until my next visit to NYC, I’ll be working on my thesis, other various works, working my jobs, and working as a research assistant for Mr. Matthew Lynch.  I’ll also be working on more knitting to install on my chosen bicycle!

For more details on my processes, follow my Instagram: artistinspired0217

Also, just started a Pinterest for art purposes: www.pinterest.com/artistinspired4

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