Latest Works During CAA

“Woobie Sprouts” Detail, 2014. Mixed Media.

Starting in September of this year, I began my MFA studies in the Fiber Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  With the end of the first semester in sight, I have come to a time of reflection on the first few months of earning my MFA.

Over the last three months, I’ve been able to devote myself fully to my studio practice.  I found Cranbrook’s program to be most pleasing for this aspect, as there are no scheduled classes.  While attending various seminars, reading groups, and working in my studio, I was able to finish a handful of works and formulate the foundations for future works in progress.  My studies have been on a similar path of  the exploration of comfort; however, the approach to research has changed slightly upon entering the Fiber Department.  While working in a sculpture department, the focus was more upon the concept rather than the material.  Being part of the CAA Fiber Department has challenged my ideas of what a woobie is, how it functions, and most of all, the materials in which woobies can be fabricated.

The first work created during my studies at Cranbrook challenged my woodworking abilities, along with the materials used to create the woobies, and their process of activation.  As seen in the image above, the woobies took the form of what looks to be a sort of botanical sprout, or skin and hair follicles.  The sprouts push through the barrier to reach the surface and greet the viewer, all while the multitudes of networks weave in and out of one another to create the foundation.  In making this work, I began to contemplate the system beneath our skin and how it reacts in moments of stress.  I was curious how that particular activation could be portrayed through a woobified network, while also staying close to the core interests.

“Woobie Sprouts”, 2014. Mixed Media.

After this exploration, I began to be curious of the materials that could be used to make woobies.  While previous woobies have relied heavily on white acrylic, I began to form a desire for more material options and how their physical properties would alter the comfort of the woobie.  This sparked the next work, “Woobie Bible”.  This work serves as an ongoing collection of samples that have been deemed to have “woobie potential”.  From strands of fiber, to fabric and knit samples, these bits have been given the approval of delivering the utmost comfort when interacted with in a tactile manner.  This work has yet to be photographed, but will be documented shortly.

Woobie Diary

In Process Studio Shot of “Woobie Diary”, 2014. Recycled Fiber, Embroidery Floss, Thread.

It was after making the “Woobie Bible” that I began to desire to document my personal woobies in a large, interactive way.  I began working on the next work entitled, “Woobie Diary”, at this moment.  Through collecting materials of woobie potential in the form of blanket, I created a sculpture that is large enough for the viewer to crawl into and begin to activate the comforting experience.  While I consider this to be a piece, I also cannot deny its performative qualities.  Within the next month, a performative video and film stills will be finished to complete this work.

The last few months have been very lucrative in making.  I am very much looking forward to the next month of documentation and performative works to add to the body of work I have created thus far.  For more information, and in process studio images, please keep an eye on my posts over the next couple weeks, along with Instagram: Artistinspired0217

“Woobie Sprouts” Detail. 2014. Mixed Media.





Duck Tape Rover is Ready to Roll


Space Rover

“Space Rover”, requested by Duck Tape Company for the Duck Tape Festival 2014. Completed May 15, 2014. On display in Cleveland, OH June 13-15, 2014.

After three weeks of nonstop work, the Duck Tape sculptures are ready to be shown in Cleveland, OH, next weekend!  Above, you’ll see the space rover in its final form.  What a relief it was to finish this work, especially after the deadline was literally cut in half!  We are lucky enough to have completed all twelve of the works on time and efficiently, along with safely loaded onto the truck to be taken to Cleveland.

If by chance you’re in the area or near Cleveland, OH during June 13-15, please stop by and see our hard work on display for the festival.  There will be a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy, and the event is certainly kid friendly.  Thank you to those who are continue to follow my artistic endeavors and for your support!


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Updated Photos and Videos

Bike Knit 1

Film Still from “Knit Knit”, a collaborative performance video with NipNip Zine, Cincinnati, OH. 2014.

Thanks so much for your patience during the time I was unable to update; the last few weeks were very busy with my own work and collaboration!  As of this moment, all videos and photos have been updated.  I’ve taken some time today to add photos to both the Sculpture tab and the Performance tab, which is most thrilling to me (as it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do a performative work!).

So, please take some time to look through those tabs, along with view the videos I’ve recently posted.  The first, you’ll find at  This video is a collaborative work between myself and NipNip Zine, entitled, “Knit Knit”.  During this work I used my handmade 5ft long, steel knitting needles to knit and manipulate bike chain, along with various other forms of chain.  The video was just recently shown at Coffee Emporium, located in Downtown Cincinnati.

Other videos were added by viewers of my work!  Please take a look at Garry Glenn’s short snippets of my performance with the work entitled, “Hand-Wrought”.  There are four videos, and this is the link to the first:

%22Hand-Wrought%22 Still

“Hand-Wrought” Performance at DAAPWorks Thesis Exhibition 2014. Performed on April 22, 2014.

Thank you again to all who continued to follow!  The blog has just reached 50 followers; although the number is small, I’m happy to see people are continuing to follow and show their support for my practice.  I hope to post more photos soon from the list of events I’ve set up for the next couple months before I relocate to Detroit, so please keep a look out.


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NipNip Zine Collaboration and Video


Bike Knit 7

Film Still from collaboration between myself and NipNip Zine, 2014. Shown on May 2, 2014 at Coffee Emporium (Downtown Cincinnati).

For those of you in the Tri-State area, please stop by tonight from 5-8PM and see the Crank Up Cincy Bike Poster Show at Coffee Emporium.  NipNip Zine and I have created a video together that you’ll surely love!

To view this video, please visit this link:

As for the other works I’m doing thus far, I’ll be updating soon to keep you posted on my progress.  Thank you for following!

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Visual Thesis is Finished!




Installation Shot of “Hand-Wrought”, 2014. Mixed Media.

I’m thrilled to announce that my visual thesis is finally installed in the Reed Gallery for the DAAPWorks 2014 Exhibition!  “Hand-Wrought”, 2014, Mixed Media, is a work that delves into repetitive thought, and a desire to change the past.  Through the usage of repetitive action and video, I portray the thought process that occurs in recalling a memory, and replaying the sequence in order for some sort of change to occur.  The work also discusses the idea of finding and creating comfort through any means and materials possible.


“Hand-Wrought”, 2014. Mixed Media.

This work will be on display starting April 22nd from 5-9PM during the DAAPWorks Opening 2014.  If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area or close to the University of Cincinnati, please stop by and show your support to the graduating seniors!

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Art Photos Updated

"Tortuous", 2014.

“Tortuous”, 2014. Knit Extension Cord.

The last few weeks have been rather busy due to the finishing of the semester, travels, and studio time.  However, during all the hustle and bustle, I was able to have my work that was fabricated in the last few weeks photographed!  You’ll find new works, varying in both scale and medium, under the Sculpture tab and Woobie Art tab.

Thank you so much for following my work thus far!  Please, if you have any questions, feel free to email me under the Contact tab.  You’ll also be able to find my resume, and my most recent thesis on my site, so feel free to look at those also.

Art On.

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Final Thesis Work


In Process Shot of Senior Thesis Work: “Hand-Wrought“, 2014.

In the link below, you will find the final writings of my Senior Thesis from the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Program.  Please, take some time to look over this document, as it explains my body of work over the last two years.  It also will give you some insight on the photo above, “Hand-Wrought”, my visual thesis project.  Thank you to all of those who have followed so closely!  It has been a lovely journey through the DAAP Program, and I’m very much looking forward to the journey that starts through this summer, Penland, and at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Art On.

Mackinley Motzer Final Thesis