%22Hand-Wrought%22 Install 2

“Hand-Wrought”, 2014. Mixed Media. Installed in DAAPWorks 2014 Exhibition. Directors’ Choice Award Winner.

"Aphrodite Lady", 2014.

“Aphrodite Lady”, 2014. Leather, Spandex, Thread, Faux Flowers. Worn to the Roseland Ballroom Closing Concerts of Lady Gaga, March 28th, 2014.

"Art Hates Craft", 2014.

“Art Hates Craft”, 2014. Recycled Fibers, Embroidery Floss.

"Hand-Wrought", 2014.

“Hand-Wrought”, 2014. Knit Extension Cord, Steel Rod.

"Tortuous", 2014.

“Tortuous”, 2014. Knit Extension Cord.

Miyako Chopstick Box

Four foot wooden chopsticks encased in a six foot wooden chopstick box with decorative wood-burning. 2012.

Internal Traditions

Internal Traditions, 2013. Recycled Fibers, Recycled Spindles, Thread.

Model 793, #2291

Model 793, #2291, 2013. Found Object, Found Frame.

Wrap, Twist, Repeat

Wrap, Twist, Repeat, 2013. Nylon Fibers, Embroidery Floss.


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