Updated Photos and Videos

Bike Knit 1

Film Still from “Knit Knit”, a collaborative performance video with NipNip Zine, Cincinnati, OH. 2014.

Thanks so much for your patience during the time I was unable to update; the last few weeks were very busy with my own work and collaboration!  As of this moment, all videos and photos have been updated.  I’ve taken some time today to add photos to both the Sculpture tab and the Performance tab, which is most thrilling to me (as it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do a performative work!).

So, please take some time to look through those tabs, along with view the videos I’ve recently posted.  The first, you’ll find at http://vimeo.com/93627077.  This video is a collaborative work between myself and NipNip Zine, entitled, “Knit Knit”.  During this work I used my handmade 5ft long, steel knitting needles to knit and manipulate bike chain, along with various other forms of chain.  The video was just recently shown at Coffee Emporium, located in Downtown Cincinnati.

Other videos were added by viewers of my work!  Please take a look at Garry Glenn’s short snippets of my performance with the work entitled, “Hand-Wrought”.  There are four videos, and this is the link to the first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1tTOb2ul2A

%22Hand-Wrought%22 Still

“Hand-Wrought” Performance at DAAPWorks Thesis Exhibition 2014. Performed on April 22, 2014.

Thank you again to all who continued to follow!  The blog has just reached 50 followers; although the number is small, I’m happy to see people are continuing to follow and show their support for my practice.  I hope to post more photos soon from the list of events I’ve set up for the next couple months before I relocate to Detroit, so please keep a look out.


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Art Photos Updated

"Tortuous", 2014.

“Tortuous”, 2014. Knit Extension Cord.

The last few weeks have been rather busy due to the finishing of the semester, travels, and studio time.  However, during all the hustle and bustle, I was able to have my work that was fabricated in the last few weeks photographed!  You’ll find new works, varying in both scale and medium, under the Sculpture tab and Woobie Art tab.

Thank you so much for following my work thus far!  Please, if you have any questions, feel free to email me under the Contact tab.  You’ll also be able to find my resume, and my most recent thesis on my site, so feel free to look at those also.

Art On.

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Leaving my Art in NYC


In Process Yarn Bombing in NYC on the corner of Mulberry and Spring St. To be continued starting March 28th.

Today is my first day back in Cincinnati after a long weekend in New York City.  The time was spent visiting the majority of the major museums of Manhattan, exploring the smaller, local galleries along the grid, and lastly, leaving my knitting behind.

For those who are unaware, the term for this practice is “Yarn Bombing”.  Yarn Bombing began in the United States during the 1990’s with various knitters using their leftover or unfinished knits to cover areas out in the world.  One of the famous Contemporary artists today who is known for yarn bombing goes by “Olek”, and has made quite the career of covering everything from entire rooms to full length trains.  While my contribution was small to the yarn bombing world, I do plan to visit NYC again at the end of the month for a concert, and also to add more to my chosen area.

Bike Yarn Bomb

“NYC, Let Me Keep You Warm”, 2014. To be finished March 28th.

Until my next visit to NYC, I’ll be working on my thesis, other various works, working my jobs, and working as a research assistant for Mr. Matthew Lynch.  I’ll also be working on more knitting to install on my chosen bicycle!

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Taking Knitting to Another Level

In Process Shot from the Studio, 2014.

In Process Shot from the Studio, 2014.

Tonight I’ll be leaving for a five day adventure in New York City!  It’s been a busy two weeks trying to finish everything before I leave, but now that it’s all out of the way I’m looking forward to a couple days of looking at the best up and coming art in the Big Apple.  Before I left, I thought I’d share a photo from my studio time tonight.  I’ve recently had three foot knitting needles made for me, and will be doing experiments with them to figure out how they will become a new work.  At the moment, I’m thinking along the lines of performance.  Thank you very much to those who continue to follow my blog!


In Process Shot, 2014.

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My Technical Process


In regard to my technical process, I have always had a deep interest in fibers and the ways in which they can be used.  My current interest in fiber has led me to a study of knitting, which has a long history in my family.  This material and technique are so appropriate for my work due to this history, that I follow the same steps as those who participated in this process before me, even down to using the same brand of yarn.  Using yarn and knitting for my aesthetic may seem to be an odd choice for some; yet, it ties into my concept of comfort so well.  The tactile quality that this material brings to the work, and the sense of security are all important to my concept; in reality, everything down to the cable knit stitching that creates the object are essential to my work.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

As a child, my mother had an oversized white sweater that served as her comfort item; she called it her “woobie”.  Whenever I felt anxiety or any sort of discomfort, I searched for this “woobie” as a sanctuary. So, through my own art explorations I have been doing my best to create the perfect “woobie” that will cure any physical or mental ailments I may be suffering from.  My work also asks the same question to the viewer, challenging them to step outside their built-up personas and look into the softer side; their inner childhood.

I ask you the same question…what is your woobie?

Current Fiber Work


Just completed yesterday, here is my current fiber work: “my magic sweater”. I was prompted by my professor to challenge my use of recycled sweaters and create a piece that was deconstructed and to insert reconstructed pieces that I created myself. My concept behind this sweater is the constant search for comfort and security, with a major focus on textures and materials. Each of the pieces I created to add were knitted by hand using white yarn and rope. The center strip of coffee colored fiber was needle felted by hand from raw alpaca shavings to create a sort of handmade yarn.  For more posts on fibers, continue following my blog!