Woobie Art

Intertwined in the soft, knit, oversized draping is where I always found the answer.  There was never a problem that couldn’t be solved once cloaked in the magic powers that have nestled themselves snuggly in every stitch of this white sweater.  One might wonder what such a majestic entity is called by those who know its power.  This title, so lovingly given, is woobie.

 Woobie (n.): A device that is used to create a sense of comfort in a time of anxiety and uneasiness. Woobies come in many forms, but the first known woobie is a white, heavy knit sweater (usually oversized for perfect snuggling).

 This body of work created is an exploration of their personal relationship with the woobie, along with a cathartic journey of investigating the journeys taken by others through the use of fiber art.  The study focused on the materials themselves, and the ways to activate the magic of the material.  Is the magic activated upon wearing the woobie?  Perhaps the user must simply adorn their personal space with these materials in order for activation to occur.  Also, is this magic simply limited to the fibrous material of the white sweater, or could they possibly lie in the other materials used through this body of work.  These are the questions addressed in each of the eight works fabricated on the journey of activating the magic.

 Whilst perusing this body of work, keep these thoughts in mind: how does one activate the magic within the woobie?  Is it better worn, or simply adorned?  Is it only found in the materials presented?  Better yet, what’s your woobie?

Detail of ""Être Branché", 2014.

Detail of “”Être Branché”, 2014.

“Woobie Sprouts”, 2014. Mixed Media.

“Woobie Sprouts” Detail, 2014. Mixed Media.

“Woobie Sprouts” Detail, 2014. Mixed Media.


"Être Branché", 2014.

“Être Branché”, 2014. Alpaca Wool, Plastic, Recycled Fibers.

"Hawser", 2014.

“Hawser”, 2014. Found Objects, Handmade Rope, Plastic.

"Mental Dilapidation", 2014.

“Mental Dilapidation”, 2014. Plaster Mold from Recycled Fiber.

"Mental Faculties", 2014.

“Mental Faculties”, 2014. Plaster Molds from Recycled Fibers.

"Stigmata", 2014.

“Stigmata”, 2014. Wax-Dipped Recycled Fibers

Untitled, 2014.

Untitled, 2014. Yarn, Alpaca Wool, and Nails.

"auf Draht sein", 2014.

“auf Draht sein”, 2014. Alpaca Wool and Nails.

"Daisy Chains for June" Detail. 2014. Fiber.

“Daisy Chains for June” Detail. 2014. Fiber.

"Daisy Chains for June", 2014. Fiber.

“Daisy Chains for June”, 2014. Fiber.

"Adornment", 2014. Mixed Media.

“Adornment”, 2014. Mixed Media.


Portable Woobie Catcher, 2013. Recycled Fiber, Beads, Wire, Various Metal Accessories.

Wool and Strings

Wool and Strings, 2013. Arm Knit Panels, Finger Knit Panels, LED Lights, Felted Alpaca, Chicken Wire, Recycled Fibers, Felted Dog Hair

Woobie Armor

Woobie Armor Two, 2013. Recycled Fibers, Yarn, Knit Panels, Alpaca.

Bronze and Strings

Bronze and Strings, 2013. Bronze, Thread, Detail Images

Arm Knit Woobie Nightlight

Arm Knit Woobie Nightlight, 2013. Arm Knit Panels, LED Lights.

Against the Grain

Against the Grain, 2013. Vintage Pattern Paper, Alpaca Wool.

"To the Artist Who Found the Universe in a String of Alpaca"

“To the Artist Who Found the Universe in a String of Alpaca”, 2013. Needle Felted Alpaca Wool and Found Object.

Activation Experimentation

Activation Experimentation, 2013. Arm Knit Panel, Ready Made Objects.


Mom’s Woobie, 2013. Recycled Fiber, Embroidery Floss.


Woobie Fortress, 2013. Recycled Fiber, Wood, Yarn.


Woobie Pods, 2013. Recycled Fiber, Yarn, Wax.


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